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Active Pickleball program that includes private lessons, leagues, and tournaments for all levels.

This class is for novice Pickleball players. In this class we will learn all the basic fundamentals: ground stoke, serve, return of serve, dinking, and SCORING. We provide balls and paddles in case you don’t have one etc.

Professional Instruction to improve key areas such as: serve placement, return placement, 3rd shot drop, approach shots, volleys, overheads, forehand/ backhand, etc.

Advanced Professional instruction to improve: 3 types of services, dinking strategies, single strategies, doubles strategies, third shot drops, approach shots, volleys, forehands/forehand slice, backhand/backhand slice, overheads, lobs, etc.

Best suited for players who have prior playing experience and wish to have fun playing points and games in a doubles format. No need to sign up, just show up. This RR is not coordinated by the Pickleball Professional.

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