Exploring the 18 Neighborhoods of Treviso Bay, Naples FL

Treviso Bay in Naples, Florida, is not just a single community but a collection of 18 distinct neighborhoods, each offering its unique charm and lifestyle. This article will take you on a journey through these neighborhoods, showcasing the diversity and richness that Treviso Bay has to offer. Whether you’re a prospective homebuyer or simply curious about this luxurious enclave, there’s something in Treviso Bay for everyone.

1. Bella Firenze

Bella Firenze is known for its elegant single-family homes, offering spacious layouts and exquisite design. The neighborhood is ideal for those seeking privacy and tranquility.

2. Bella Napoli

This neighborhood features a mix of villas and single-family homes, characterized by their Mediterranean-inspired architecture and lush landscaping.

3. Di Napoli

Di Napoli is popular for its luxurious villas, offering a perfect blend of comfort and style. The neighborhood is nestled amidst beautiful natural surroundings, providing a serene living experience.

4. Lipari

Lipari stands out with its grand estate homes. These residences are known for their expansive floor plans and high-end finishes, catering to those who desire opulence and space.

5. Pavia

Pavia is a charming neighborhood with a mix of single-family homes and villas. Its quiet streets and friendly community vibe make it a great choice for families.

6. Venezia

Venezia is characterized by its stunning waterfront homes, offering breathtaking views and direct access to the area’s natural beauty.

7. Verona

In Verona, residents enjoy stylish townhomes that combine modern amenities with low-maintenance living, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

8. Italia

Italia is known for its luxury custom homes, offering unique designs and personalized features that cater to the most discerning tastes.

9. Vercelli

Vercelli’s homes are designed with a focus on outdoor living, featuring spacious lanais and beautiful views, ideal for those who love to entertain or relax in nature.

10. Trevi

Trevi offers a collection of elegant condos, providing a more urban living experience within Treviso Bay, complete with modern amenities and convenience.

11. Alberi Acqua

This neighborhood is a haven for water lovers, with many homes featuring waterfront views and access to the community’s lakes and waterways.

12. Alberi Sole

Alberi Sole is a sunny, welcoming neighborhood with a variety of home styles, from cozy villas to spacious single-family homes.

13. Giaveno

Giaveno is popular for its condominiums, offering a low-maintenance lifestyle

without sacrificing luxury and comfort. The condos here are designed with attention to detail and offer a range of modern amenities.

14. Acqua

Acqua is another neighborhood that boasts beautiful condominiums, each providing residents with scenic views and a sense of community. It’s perfect for those seeking a blend of convenience and style.

15. Rilassare

Rilassare is unique for its focus on leisure and relaxation. This neighborhood features homes with easy access to the community’s recreational amenities, including the fitness center, tennis courts, and pools.

16. Terracina

Terracina, known for its grand estate homes, offers unparalleled luxury. These homes are among the largest in Treviso Bay, featuring custom designs and elite craftsmanship.

17. Peninsula Treviso Bay

Peninsula is the epitome of exclusivity within Treviso Bay. This neighborhood offers custom estate homes with private docks, catering to those who value privacy and waterfront living.

18. Serata

Serata is the final piece of the Treviso Bay puzzle, offering a mix of single-family homes and villas. It’s known for its peaceful streets and close-knit community atmosphere.


The 18 neighborhoods of Treviso Bay in Naples, Florida, each contribute to the tapestry that makes this community so special. From waterfront estates to cozy villas and modern condos, Treviso Bay caters to a wide range of preferences and lifestyles. This diversity, coupled with the array of amenities and the natural beauty of Naples, makes Treviso Bay a premier destination for those seeking a luxurious and fulfilling living experience. Whether you’re looking for a family home, a retirement retreat, or a vacation getaway, Treviso Bay’s neighborhoods offer something for everyone, making it a jewel in the crown of Naples, Florida.